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With the increasing camera quality in smartphones nowadays, it is not necessary to have DSLR or any costly camera to learn photography. Even if you have an approx $150 smartphone that will also take good quality photos and also many smartphones are primarily targeting the camera section with a reasonable price.

So, the camera section wasn’t a problem at all the main problem is to find those good quality courses that will help you to upscale your skill, that will properly guide you from where to start and what equipment is needed.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you the best free online courses that will help you in your photography journey.

Stanford’s Photographic Course

In the spring of 2011. Stanford University hosted a series of talks designed to assist students in learning more about digital photography. While the field has changed dramatically since then, you can still find plenty of useful information presented in this course.

You can watch and learn for free, it is available on YouTube.

Lectures on Digital Photography—YouTube

To complement the lessons, you may also complete homework assignments that are given every week, You can locate them on this page.

The Stanford photography course will teach you about various photography styles—like how to capture better photographs that capture sporting activities. There is also architectural photography as well as the ability to capture stunning landscapes.
The course also educates you on the most important concepts and theories, including deep field and color theories. Additionally, there are slides that outline significant aspects.

An Introduction to Photography by Karl Taylor Education

If you’ve never used cameras before, learning the basics before heading out to take pictures is a great idea. We’ll go over a variety of classes that will help you accomplish this in this article, the first one you’ll be able to learn about can be found in A Beginner’s Guide to Photography which you can access through the Karl Taylor Education website.

The course’s introduction is straightforward and covers a variety of ideas in photography. This video in particular is extremely helpful; you’ll be able to understand how cameras work, and also get an overview of what the remainder of the course will offer. The instructor discusses the subject matter in a clear and concise manner in as easy language as possible.

Commercial Photography: Still and Moving Image

This no-cost Future Learn online course is intended for ambitious commercial photographers and assistants hoping to improve their skills and expertise in the field of new media. This course will explore the possibilities of moving and still image photography.

It will cover topics related to filmmaking, using CGI animation, CGI and much more. The course will assist you in learning how to make commercials that are successful but personal and unique, work for your clients. All of this is beneficial if you’re interested in fashion, advertising as well as editorial photographs.

The curriculum is based on specific aspects of the photography courses offered at Norwich University of the Arts The courses allow students to study with experts from academic institutions as well as top commercial photographers such as Andy Earl and Tim Flach.

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Alison Free Online Courses and Online Learning

Lison provides free certificates and diplomas in online classes across a variety of subjects, which include some photography courses specifically designed to help shutterbugs of various levels of skill improve their photography to new standards.

Alison currently offers certificate-level classes for beginner, intermediate photographers, as well as advanced photographers, as well as a diploma course in digital photography. If you’re looking to learn how to adjust exposure, composition techniques or post-production techniques, this is the best place to begin.

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Photography for Beginners by

Till this one, all the courses in this article are video-based. However, if your preferred method of learning is different, then you could consider other types of media. For example, has put together a comprehensive learning experience that mainly features writing – though you’ll find a few supporting videos as well.

Photography for beginners is a complete tutorial that provides a thorough overview of the basics for taking better photographs, including the triangle of exposure and aperture. There’s also a massive glossary of hundreds of commonly used terms that are used within the photography field.

In addition to introducing the basics that photography requires, students will get ideas and ideas for projects that will allow them to put their knowledge into action. One example is that one of the sections discusses numerous personal concepts you could try.

You can sign up for an account on, but you don’t have to for this course. The site offers a variety of additional courses you can take and some are completely free, however, you’ll need to pay for other courses.

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I hope you liked the information provided in this article, and we hope that this article will be helpful for you. There are other courses also available on the internet, but they are for intermediate level and not too friendly for the beginners so, we through to include them in separate article.

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