Diseny+Hotstar loses IPL. Is it still worth buying it?

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This is the first time that BCCI sold both digital and TV rights of the IPL separately. While the TV rights remain to the Disney Star by paying 23,575 crores the digital rights have been grabbed by the Viacom18 network after paying a huge price of 23,578 crores.

So, in this article, we will see that after the IPL is not being streamed on the Disney+ Hotstar is it still worth it to purchase its premium subscription?

During the lockdown period while cinema halls are closed, the OTT (over the top) platforms are found to be the most useful platform for content seekers. Not only for the viewers but also the producers and production houses, the OTT are the best ways to cater for their content without messing with the audience’s health. The OTT platforms are also found to be cheap as compared to cinema halls, you just need a good internet connection and their subscription.

On this OTT platform race, Hotstar was a major player. After being bought by Disney, it is again leading the market with about 8 million subscriber-only in India and about 50 million subscribers worldwide. This is only the

number of paid subscriber when it comes to free user, Hotstar have 300 million-plus users in India.

Why hasn’t Disney removed Hotstar from the name?

After purchasing the Star network, the Disney could have easily removed the name and easily rebrand it as Disney+ the main reason the Disney didn’t do it because the Hotstar was already very popular in the Indian market for premiering IPL and for premiering a few shows like KBC and Big Boss few hours before the TV.

Types and Variety of Content

Since after losing the IPL bid to with the Viacom 18 let’s see what type of content Hotstar have to offer you.

Before being bought by Disney+ Hotstar had too much diversity in the content, they have everything from some of the most popular Indian family serials to the world-famous “Game of Thrones”. Plus not forget that one of the biggest cinematic universes MCU belongs to Disney, so, all the Marvel original series and movies premiere only on Disney+ Hotstar.

Other big universes like Star Wars, Pixar movies and shows also premiere on Disney+Hotstar. And recently the company has been dubbing all the new big movies and series.

In India, they were the only distributor of HBO and CW shows. The premiere few new shows on HBO MAX, however, it is said that with the release of the prequel of Game of Thrones, The House of Dragons it is most likely that the rights of the shows will go back to the HBO MAX in the Indian region.

Price and Plans

There are basically 3 types of plans, basic to premium. The good thing about these plans is that they don’t restrict the number of content you can watch, just like the previous plan which Hotstar had.

The basic mobile plan starts with 499/year and provides you SD quality with a maximum of one screen login. The other is a medium-level plan with a price of 899/year, it supports two screens and supports up to 1080p. Third and the most premium plan costs 1499/year, and it supports up to 4 screen login and 4K video streaming.

Some FAQ on Hotstar Plans.

1. How many devices can use Hotstar mobile?
Ans. Only one device.

2. How many devices can use the Hotstar Super plan?
Ans. Two devices when you will take an annual subscription.

3. Is Hotstar live TV?
Ans, yes, you can watch live TV.

4. Is Hotstar free for Jio users?
Ans. Some plans provide you with the inbuilt Disney+Hotstar mobile plan, however, this can be changed. Since this was only provided to attract the IPL lovers and now the IPL rights have been acquired by the VOOT, it’s more likely that they will provide VOOT with select premium to attract IPL lovers.

5. Is Disney Hotstar free for Airtel users?
Ans. The same goes for the Airtel, it will be interesting to see what these companies will do now.

6. Is Disney Hotstar worth it?
Ans. After such an increase in the price of the premium plan and not having IPL, many peoples get confused did it really with it to spend that much money well in my personal opinion the premium plan gives you all access and if you are not interested in foreign content then don’t buy it but if you want to try different shows that the premium plan is for you.


How to watch Disney Hotstar for free?

Disney Hotstar mobile plan. And if you become a member of Flipkart, then you will get 4 super coins per rupee 100.

So, that’s all for this post. I hope this post has cleared all your doubts, but still if you have any doubts please let me know in the comments. Thank-you.

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