Games lover? here is Razer Raion Fightpad Review
Games lover? here is Razer Raion Fightpad Review

Games lover? here is Razer Raion Fightpad Review

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Arcade sticks are normally the controllers of choice for preventing exercise enthusiasts, but a few pick gamepads for sure titles. Because of this, the fightpad class exists. The ones specialized gamepads get rid of the analog sticks (which stopping video video games seldom use) and upload face buttons to offer the inputs of an arcade stick you could keep on your hand. On one end of this small elegance is the Hori preventing Commander, a $39.99 controller that fulfills the capabilities of a fightpad without a bells and whistles. On the alternative stop is the Razer Raion, a $99.99 gamepad that justifies its lots higher fee with mechanical switches under its face buttons, an tremendous-feeling path pad, and a playstation 4-high-quality touchpad for the few video games and apps that use it.

The lowest fringe of the gamepad holds a 3.5mm headset jack with small switches spherical it. The switch on the left units the direction pad to function because the DualShock 4’s path pad, left analog stick, or right analog stick for inputs. The proper transfer helps you to select amongst the usage of the triggers inside the substantial L1/L2/R1/R2 configuration, or to move the L1 and L2 inputs to the right triggers and set the left triggers to act just like the L3 and R3 inputs (clicking the left and right analog sticks).

For event game enthusiasts, unintended button presses can result in an straight away loss, no matter in case you’re nonetheless swimming in pools or gambling at the primary level. Due to this, nearly every controller advanced for seasoned stopping endeavor players has a lock-out in some way that disables any buttons that aren’t required for ordinary gameplay (on ps 4, this commonly approach the percentage, alternatives, and playstation buttons). The Razer Raion is not any exception to this rule; there are separate buttons to alter headset extent and a mic mute. Urgent each of those buttons will prompt the event lockout and disable the options button simply in case your fingers stray too a ways a ways from the principle face buttons.

Games lover? here is Razer Raion Fightpad Review

DesignThe Raion is a extensive, slightly curved matte black plastic gamepad with wonderful ps branding on the house and face buttons, entire with the X, square, circle, and triangle buttons coloured well blue, pink, pink/salmon, and green, similar to on the playstation ‘s DualShock 4. The controller has no analog sticks, alternatively providing a unmarried round direction pad with a excellent plus form in the center. The 4 face buttons are joined with more, identically built R1 and R2 face buttons, giving the controller a format towards a Sega Genesis gamepad than a ps one. While the R1 and R2 buttons take a seat at the the front, they’re moreover to be had within the substantial twin motive positions on the pinnacle edge of the controller, collectively with L1 and L2.

A touchpad sits close to the top of the front of the controller, flanked through percentage and alternatives buttons at the left and proper, and the house button underneath. The DualShock four touchpad is basically vain for most games, but in case you use playstation Now it serves due to the fact the in-recreation begin and pick buttons for lots of its streaming titles, so it’s useful for anyone seeking to play traditional preventing video games there. Committed Mic Mute and extent buttons sit down down near the lowest edge of the the the front of the gamepad, and pressing them each on the same time locks out the proportion, options, and home buttons for gambling in competitions (in which accidentally pausing a fit outcomes in a disqualification).

Requiring little greater stress than surely resting your thumb on the button, these Razer switches activate and take a look at in an input at simplest a fragment of the time it’d tackle stock PS4 hardware. For preventing video video games that require actions to be enter within fractions of a second, that miniscule quantity of time may want to make all of the distinction amongst a fashionable parry or taking a complete mixture to the face when it comes time to compete.

The back of the Raion holds one extra switch that devices the controller to paintings with a computer or playstation four. The gamepad plugs into your laptop or PS4 via a nine.Eight-foot USB cable. The cable is hardwired to the top of the Raion, which is a shame because cable harm is simply as possibly as button and route pad damage with heavy use, and a removable cable might have protected in opposition to that. The twine is likewise rubber, without the fabric-wrapped cover that Razer’s immoderate-surrender stressed headsets just like the Kraken last have.

Razer has been stopping their way up the ranks of controller peripherals throughout the previous few years. First being acknowledged entirely for patron and competitor-grade laptop hardware, Razer slowly stepped forward into console peripherals earlier than making a few tries at tools that enchantment to the arcade and preventing game enthusiasts, first with the Razer Panthera and different complete-sized arcade sticks. For those who need a few thing which can match in a journey bag, the fine recreation on the town was HORI if you preferred something nicely desirable with playstation 4. Even as it not noted the hazard to be unveiled at EVO Las Vegas, the brand new Razer Raion controller fits well into the fight pad mould and may be to be had in time for Tekken 7’s wintry weather replace.

The Razer Raion talents a complete array of buttons notwithstanding its unconventional layout. Fantastic, you don’t get get proper of entry to to the two analog sticks, however a accessible switch at the lowest of the controller lets you toggle among the usage of the disc pad as a directional pad or either of the PS4 analog sticks on the fly. The equal works for the 4 shoulder buttons at the Razer Raion: each select out among the conventional ps format up pinnacle or L3/R3 on the left half of and R1/R2 on the second one 1/2 of, some component that grew famous in avenue Fighter for the triple punch and triple kick button options.

I performed the whole thing of the conventional Aladdin and The Lion King video games with the Razer Raion in addition to the identical antique slew of combating games that I very very own on playstation 4. For combating video video games, the Razer Raion became in truth best. Razer’s precise d-pad disc delivered many a victory to my Waldenstein play at the identical time because the buttons held as much as each quantity of pressure and stress I may additionally need to throw at them. I’m no longer too proud to now not admit that I mashed out in this controller and not as soon as did I experience the buttons begin to lighten up or give up (that’s greater than i will say about myself in my view). At the alternative hand, trying to play platformers and less-conventional titles weren’t quite as best with the Razer Raion. Given how touchy every face button is, I’d frequently brush up in competition to the bounce button or press it in in advance than i used to be conditioned to do on a elegant DualShock 4. Positive, you could definitely play every other sport that doesn’t require every analog sticks at the Razer Raion without too many issues but it really shines while placed to the take a look at in a proper stopping game. I’d be doing Razer a disservice if I didn’t mention that the Razer Raion modified into immensely relaxed to play seen novels one-passed (that sloped grip is a long manner more at ease than both the stock playstation 4 or Xbox One controllers for this purpose).

Games lover? here is Razer Raion Fightpad Review

Mechanical components

Both the pad and the face buttons use mechanical switches, which can be normally sturdier than the membrane and other switches applied in most one of a kind gamepads. Consistent with Razer, the mechanical switches at the face buttons are rated at eighty million taps each. It feels slightly extremely good that the path pad clicks loudly even as the face buttons are nearly silent, however each units of components feel moderate and responsive. The direction pad clicks in every cardinal and diagonal instructions, offering person inputs with wonderful tactile comments, much like arcade joysticks with octagonal gates. That is beneficial for stopping video video games that require unique inputs with diagonals.

For this type of expensive stressed gamepad, one of the maximum essential factors of the Raion is its lengthy-term reliability. Alas, we don’t have any way of sorting out this over a quick time body. The controller without a doubt feels strong, irrespective of being very slight due to the shortage of a battery and vibration motors. If some thing, the constant, rubber-wrapped cable is likely the weakest factor, specially if Razer’s promise of eighty million presses for every face button is accurate.


I performed some preventing video video games on the playstation 4 with the Raion. I could be the first to confess i’m no longer without a doubt superb at the style, however the gamepad although feels superb to play with, and conscious of my noticeably low talent degree. The clicky path pad is fun, and the surely defined tactile response for the cardinal and diagonal commands certainly helped me carry out precise moves that require precise inputs. The face buttons, on the equal time as no longer clicky, have the proper amount of give and springiness, and the 3-via-three format makes the controller ideally suited for video video games like avenue Fighter V with its six-button assaults and responsible tools Xrd -Revelator- with its five-button attacks. Getting access to every primary feature beneath your thumb in place of the use of triggers or bumpers for heavy or dirt attacks (which the games should require with a preferred DualShock 4 controller and its four face buttons) is useful and reachable.

The shortage of analog sticks limits the Raion’s usefulness for non-fighting video games, however the controller is supposed in wellknown for combatants. In reality, without analog sticks for your thumb to keep away from, it is less hard to get a relaxed grip over the most effective inputs you need: the direction pad and face buttons. And, whilst you can not without problems play shooters or different 3-D video games (besides 3-D combatants like Tekken 7) with the Raion, the controls are best for 2d platformers and traditional arcade video video games.

A Fearsome Fightpad

The Razer Raion is a totally comfy, strong pressured out gamepad designed in particular for combating pastime fanatics. It’s miles steeply-priced, but its fantastic, clicky route pad and mechanical face buttons assist justify the pinnacle elegance. It looks like it’s miles built to final, even if a removable cable might have helped in addition make certain that longevity. The Raion isn’t for every body, however if you recognize what red parries or Roman cancels are, it can be the right gamepad for you. If you want to get into stopping video games with out spending pretty so much, the aforementioned Hori stopping Commander is every other particular choice, although it lacks the Raion’s rugged and clicky controls and does now not have a touchpad to be used with ps Now.

One feature that I cherished on the Razer Raion that isn’t featured on the HORI stopping Commander are elongated hand grips on each facets of the controller. Some complex inputs in avenue Fighter V require greater buttons than you could fast reap with truly your thumb. Having a place to relaxation your palm when tapping inputs with the relaxation of your hands is such a easy but principal improvement to longterm comfort. Every elongated grips provide a moderate slope that contours to the natural curves of the individual’s fingers. In case you’re typically a pad participant, I dare you to discover a fight pad that’s as cozy as the Razer Raion.

The whole format of the Razer Raion takes the maximum renowned system for a fighting game player and injects them proper right into a comfortable fight pad. Hyper-responsive face buttons, a directional pad that may preserve up to punishment, a touchpad (despite the fact that not trendy on each arcade stick in 2019) and a occasion lockout all come fashionable on Razer’s first combat pad controller. In case you need to up your pastime and a full-sized arcade stick isn’t the enhance you’re searching out, the Razer Raion is arms down one of the tremendous new controllers of 2019.

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