How Malayalam Cinema was able to rule the hearts.

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Since the pandemic began, the people from the mainland of India who were habituated to watch only Hindi films produced by Bollywood were flowing into watching films other than the films made in Bollywood.

Some reasons because of which people preferred to switch from  watching Bollywood movies and transfer to different films become the realization that many movies they watched and celebrated have been just remakes of the movies made in Southern film industries. 

Time of realization

This major realization happened mainly through the medium of Internet. This realization combined with the people locked at home due to the effect of COVID-19 made a huge surge in the viewership of OTT platforms.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix being the major OTT platforms that revealed the world a pile of quality content. People started to look for movies with new and fresh content that they slowly overcame the barrier of a one inch thick subtitle and started exploring more movies from different languages.

Shift towards Southern Film Industries

The trend of watching South Indian Films on television has been active for the past few years. People love watching the films from the 4 major film industries from the south. They prefer mainly the Massey movies and movies with original script. The touch of culture among the characters made people connect more with these films.

Malayalam Film Industry

One such industry that attracted the Hindi speaking audience was the Malayalam film industry, which is also popularly referred to as the ‘Mollywood’. This film has its origin from a state in Southern India named “Kerala”. It is one of the many potential film making industries in the country, recognized for producing quality and breathtaking authentic films.

They have been mainly producing family-friendly content rather than focusing only on Mass-Masala movies for a longer time, which made the audience intrigued by the aid of innovation in story building and experiments of the latest techniques of filmmaking.

Artists of the Mollywood

The new era of Malayalam Cinema has been backed by many hardworking and ambitious film-makers and actors like Prithviraj Sukumaran who despite being an actor, directed a movie which created records which no other Malayalam movie has ever made till date.

Dulquer Salman being a star-child made his debut in a low budget movie ‘Second Show’ where he portrays the role of a lower middle class boy turning into a mafia gang member, Tovino Thomas came on his own in the industry and has completed many thrilling projects till now and many other talented artists are doing their part.

Popular Malayalam movies

Some Malayalam movies which made their place in people’s heart during the pandemic were ‘C U Soon’, ‘Home’, ‘Drishyam 2’, ‘Great Indian Kitchen’, ‘Kappela’, ‘Ayyapanum Koshiyum’, ‘Forensic’, ‘Joji’, ‘Malik’, ‘Kurup’ ‘Minnal Murali’, ‘Irul’, ‘Nayyatu’, ‘Operation Java’ etc and many more.

Content over Money

In Mollywood, the well established stars don’t usually give importance to the size of their roles.
They mostly look out for interesting and relatable characters. The industry is well known for making many experimental films on hot subjects.

The industry is having content creators from all over the state as the newcomers are given the chance to prove themselves. This flexible industry always looks and understands its roots. Creativity and new techniques make the solid eye-catching feature of the movies made here. The reason behind making such films is the mature audience, who possess equally unquenchable hunger for quality.

Sequel making experts

Fans were drawn to see the great Mohanlal in Jeethu Joseph’s ‘Drishyam 2’. To maintain the essence of the original and authentic is an important factor for a sequel’s fulfillment. Director Jeethu Joseph is successful in enhancing the appeal of a rare character like Georgekutty, He has remained loyal once again to the family-drama genre and didn’t forget to place a mind-boggling twist in the climax.


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