Is Brave Browser still worth using in 2022

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In this modern age where data is the most important thing, many companies are just taking your data and selling them to advertisers to just make some money. Most of these data came from your search history or pattern. Many companies have accepted that they are selling their user’s data, but they often try to give their users an assurance that nothing will go wrong with their data.

So, in this world of fraud where everyone is lying to you, there are many companies which take their users’ data seriously. One of them is Brave browser, in this post I will try to answer your all question about whether you should use it or not or why you should have to use it.

Who Owns Brave Browser?

Now if you are using any product you might try to know about the company whether it’s genuine or not. What is the history of the company if the company has a good history with their customers?

The company name of Brave Browser is Brave Software Inc.r, but this doesn’t matter. The thing which matters is that the developer of Brave is Brandon Eich, who worked for “Mozilla”.

Is Brave Browser a Better Browser?

Now you might be thinking that there are many alternatives, so is Brave better than others?

Well yes and some of the reasons are:-

  • Privacy: This whole article is based on privacy, so the Brave protects your privacy by not selling your data to others, plus it comes with its own unique incognito mode feature which allows you to select other search engines, unlike any other browser.
  • Speed: Brave has been found to be faster than other browsers in the market; it loads pages in seconds even if the net connection is not good. Plus, the browser is lightweight, so it will not lag on your pc.
  • Add-ons (Extensions): There are many extensions available on the internet according to your need, but if you don’t know about them then you might get confused and start giving your personal data to someone else. Well, Brave does it easier when it comes with its own effective ad blocker tracker blocker and script blocker which protects you and also loads pages much faster. Plus, it supports all chrome extensions, so you can add according to your need.
  •  Get Paid for Browsing: Now this is interesting whatever Brave earns it gives some amount to its user in the form of BAT (Basic attention tokens) the more you browse on Brave the more you earn. Which you can use to support your creators.
  • Updates: Brave provides you monthly updates, even though they provide some emergency updates when the major issue comes in the chromium engine. Overall, their condition with updates is quite good. 


How much money can you make from Brave?

Basically, there is no such limit, but it doesn’t mean you are going to earn a lot of money also there are some settings which help you to boost your earnings, but that’s not much. So, don’t expect more.

The ratio of payout is 70:30 means whatever ad you will see you will get 70% revenue and the rest 30% will go to the Brave browser.

How Brave Serve your ads?

To get maximum profit, the ads must be your type so, you could go and click on it. What Brave does is it collects all your data and keeps it to themselves then they contact advertisers and show you the ads in which you are interested, so they are not selling or giving your data to anyone.

How you can withdraw money (BAT) from Brave?

In order to withdraw your BAT tokens, you need to create an upheld account. Then you need to link your uphold account with the brave browser.

In the process of linking, you need to do KYC on Uphold in order to withdraw tokens to your bank account.

Is Brave Browser better than Chrome?

Many people have doubt about it so, Brave is basically a Chromium-based browser which means the core engine of Brave is the same as Chrome, but it comes with some extra features it is more lightweight faster and more secure than a chore. Chrome collects data about you and sends it to Google, even though Google has admitted it that Chrome plays a major role in their ads business.

Please note : this post isn’t sponsored by anyone. This post is only written for knowledge purposes, we don’t have any intentions to demean someone.

That’s all for this post. I hope you liked my post. If you do so, please let me know in the comments.



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