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One of the funniest things is to play online games with friends . It is one of my favorite activities that besides being a great hobby is a way of socializing. Formerly that was something exclusive for the great pc games and for communication there were specific tools, such as skype or teamspeak . But today I am going to show you that it is possible to play many games with your friends online without having to download anything or much less have a super powerful computer.

How to communicate with my friends in the Online Games.

The media is very important at the time of the play, because without it the feeling is that we are still playing alone. That’s why we are going to talk about it before the matches.

As I always speak, technology is constantly evolving and every day she offers us some wonderful resource and in that case we are going to talk about Discord.

Discord is an application that can rotate directly from the browser or installed on windows. It also has versions for Android / Iphone. With it it is possible to create chat rooms by text, audio or videoconference, access the tool through the link: . After creating your account, you can create a room and invite all your friends.

I will leave a video (It is not my own) with advice on how to use the Discord.

Where to find online games to play with friends

It’s time to choose the games, nowadays FPS (First Person Shooting) games are one of the most chosen genres when the theme is to play Online Games with Friends . That is why one of the elements of our list will be Critical Combat Battle Royale , it is a game very similar to the famous Counter Strike that has many similar resources.

Now we are going to talk about Battle Royale, a genre that gathered several players on the same map and they will face each other until there is only one left standing, being that the winner. Warbot IO is a Battle Royale where each player controls a giant robot, there are several types of robots to choose from and each one has their own abilities, so you have to think carefully about what strategy to use in the game.

In addition to these two amazing games to play online with friends you can access our Multiplayer Games category or see our full list below with the games we select for you. Remembering that every day we have new games, so follow our social networks to receive the news. Now it’s just joining friends, and going out for fun!

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