Top Best SmartWatches for Android

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In day to day life, smartwatches are getting popular and more and more people are purchasing them.

If you also want to have one and don’t know which one to buy this article is for you, here we will provide you with the best smartwatch list available in the market.

1. Fitbit Versa 3 – $166

You can fully operate your phone on your hand using this Fitbit versa 3 smartwatch. It costs around 20,000 INR and 166 USD on Amazon.

You can easily text message, observe phone calls and also obtain alerts with this smartwatch the upcoming instant you link it along with your Android gadget.

It possesses a lot of attributes, straight coming from a physical fitness system to a direction finder. The view informs you of every single point pertaining to your wellness, like your heartbeat.

It has numerous functions like do not disrupt setting, numerous workout settings, incredible songs experience and also this watch is waterproof.

The very best feature of this watch is it provides time to time updates concerning your menstruation durations, for this reason this can be a fantastic tool for females.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – $199

The next thing on our list is Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. As many of the individuals are Samsung users, this watch is extremely good, and also you can gladly go in advance with this brand name.

It has all the fitness features plus a sleep tracking feature and a body composition measuring feature.

As well as additionally, this watch is waterproof, you have no reason to fret whenever it drops right into water etc.

The only drawback is its battery. It is around 16,000 INR on Amazon.

3. TicWatch Pro 3 –  $299

It comes with health and wellness surveillance attributes, wonderful battery life, workout tips and so on.
Whenever you are stable as well as your body requires some workout, it sends you alerts of exercise. With the inbuilt Mobile applications, you can remain energetic any place you are.

It consists of a lot of exercise settings, which is helpful for different types of people who have requirements for different exercises.

4. OnePlus Watch – $152

Another smartwatch is coming from one of the big smartphone making companies.

You can obtain notices of phone calls, messages etc. on your smartwatch when it is attached to your Android cellphone. One of the big features is that you have no requirement to grab your phone for every phone call you can attend through your one plus watch itself.

Plus, It has more than 110 exercise modes. It is both water and dirt immune, thus this could be a good option for you.

It has an excellent battery life as well as it likewise makes you preserve your physical health by sending you reminders. Likewise, it additionally checks your blood oxygen levels.

5 – Amazfit GTR 2 – $169

It also offers top-quality monitoring of sleep as well as also anxiety levels, keeping track so that you can recognize your high-quality sleep as well as stress and anxiety levels and also consequently change sleep and rest time appropriately if required.

There are more than 12 sports modes like running, swimming, strolling etc. Overall, this can be the best choice for your Android. It comes with great battery life.

Much like various other smartwatches, this also checks your heart rate as well as additionally notifies you whenever there is a problem with the heart. It additionally keeps an examined of your blood oxygen saturation in order to deal with your wellness.

6. Garmin Venu 2 Plus – $469

Following, the next finest item on our list is Garmin Venu 2. You do not require touching your watch for everything as it has a voice control system, simply talk to it and get your job done.

This watch monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen degrees, breathing, and calorie levels. It can also gauge your sleep cycles as well as sleep high quality and also hence you can take a look at your rest too.

Besides these, there are several other features that make Garmin Venu 2 Plus the very best one.

7.  Garmin Forerunner 245 – $329

The last, as well as a final brand name in our listing, is Garmin Leader 245. It additionally has the most effective functions like heart rate tracking, blood oxygen saturation tracking etc. much like the various other smartwatches stated in the checklist.

It can also measure the energy levels in your body. You can gladly obtain all the notifications on your wrist itself. You can send texts, see all social media updates etc. on your watch without touching your phone. This can also be the very best one for you. You can happily experience this smartwatch with no fears.

Final Verdict

The smartwatches are very helpful and expensive, even if you are buying it just for the trend or for other purposes. So, if you are planning to buy a smartwatch, please consider watches in this list.


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