Top Short Videos Apps that are more popular than TitTok

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Nowadays, short video applications are in the mainstream. The short video application will simplify it for you to deliver short videos for WhatsApp status or to enchant individuals with your imagination.

With the help of short videos, people are getting quite a popularity, these videos are easy to make and take less time and preparation.

So, many new content creators are putting their content in short videos so, they can give the viewers an excellent experience in a short amount of time.

One another big thing is that you don’t need to bother being a technical person to utilize these applications, since they are full of useful features that make them unquestionably easy to use.

Instagram Reels

After the huge success of TikTok over the seas, many companies started to adopt the idea of short videos.

One of the first companies to adopt this feature was Instagram. Without getting more delayed they launched the new feature which they called Reels.

YouTube Shorts

Quickly learning from its competition (Facebook) Google launched YouTube Shorts. Considering the fact that Google YouTube is the second largest search engine it where anyone can get solutions of anything in easy video format, it was quite predictable that this feature was going to be a big success.

And just after the release of this feature many big and popular content creators started making shorts, some of them even opened a new channel for uploading shorts only. Plus, many new creators came who are trying to do different things

FaceBook Short Videos

This is the same as it is on Instagram Reels. The company introduced it for those who don’t have an Instagram account or for some reason use FaceBook more than Instagram.

So, in order to target these customers, they launched this new feature. This feature is available through both Facebook and Facebook lite app.

Many times you will see that videos from Instagram are featured on Facebook, this is to attract an audience.


Same after seeing the huge success of TikTok in India, many made in India apps come into the market. However, no one can even come close to the TikTok.

But after the Government ban on Chinese apps, the market become open and soon many Indian applications started to grow.

Among them one is Moj, this application has a record tremendous growth after the ban. Many people shifted to this app.

The app has support for more than 15 languages, with all the creative features which you will get from any other short video application.

The company have even tie-up with big tech companies like Samsung. Whenever anyone purchases a Samsung phone, the Moj app comes preinstalled on it.

MX TakaTak

Mx Player in the past few years rebranded as the most popular and powerful streaming service. At first, it was just an app to play music and videos.

But after that, it started to stream some movies and TV shows after getting success, it even started producing its original content. The best thing about it is that it costs no charge to the user. It works on the same monetization principle as YouTube does.

So, no doubt that the MX player didn’t absorb the void space created by the ban of TikTok. To take this opportunity, they launched their own app called MX TakaTak.

This is one of the most well known Indian short video applications for making short music, dialogue dubbing, dancing and funny videos in your own style to put yourself out there in a magnificent manner to the crowd.

You can finish the download from the play store as well as from Apple’s App Store without any charge. It offers you the greatest amount of administration to improve your production and therefore makes your enthusiasm admirable for it!


This app was way before Tiktok or any other Indian app available on this list. The only reason that it got lost in the crowd was less advertisement.

However, on the ground reality, this was still one of the most downloaded apps in India. This app was getting mouth publicity and people were installing it after seeing this app on others’ phones.

Hence, slowly but surely it captured a large market in this sector. It also reorganized the vast space created by the TikTok ban and tried to capitalize on it. And up to a very extent, it was successful since many of the users were using this app already.

The company have even tie-up with big tech companies like Samsung. Whenever anyone purchases a Samsung phone, the Share chat app comes preinstalled on it.


This app is still new in the market, but it is making its own unique place very fast. The company is following an aggressive advertisement policy to reach more audiences.

The company have even tie-up with big tech companies like Samsung. Whenever anyone purchases a Samsung phone, they will get the app that comes preinstalled on it.

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