Ways to maintain proper energy in the body for a better life

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The word ‘health’ derives from the base word ‘whole,’ that means feeling healthy means to be complete, a sense of wholeness within ourselves. For this to happen, our body should be vibrant, our physical energies must be vibrant, our mind must be joyful, emotion must be exuberant – only then you feel a sense of wholeness.

Energy allotment in Human body

Human beings have within them a certain allotment of energy for various tasks, like action, intellect, emotion and so on. This differs from person to person. But generally the amount of energy allotted, particularly for physical action and emotional dimension, are two things which are going completely unused in today’s world. This becomes the main cause of depression.

Children, who are found depressed, must be supported by exposing them to their emotional dimension. The present generation watches sunrise and sunset on their phone’s screen. A solution to this issue is by taking them out for a vacation to places which have a nature’s exposure, instead of urban cities. Physiological and psychological health can be very easily managed if you are in touch with the elements of nature, of water, soil, and light.

Eating the right food.

There are certain foods to eat if you do only physical jobs, and there are certain foods for mental jobs. But today none of us are in that condition, we have to be both physically sharp and mentally sharp. All of us need to be physically good and mentally good. So eating the right kind of food becomes very necessary.

1. Ash gourd

Some very positive diets include the ash gourd. If you consume a glass of ash gourd juice every day, you will see clearly the sharpness of your intellect will enhance itself, you will be mentally much sharper than the way you are right now. Daily consumption of ash gourd, you will see distinctly your mind seems to be clearer and sharper. This will be noticeable within a few weeks of consumption of ash gourd.

2. Honey

Daily consumption of honey can do wonderful things to you. Especially if you have children at home, make honey culture part of your thing. Psychological stability, physical well-being, vitality, all these things can be greatly enhanced, simply consuming daily honey.

Let the body clean itself.

Our body cleans itself through various processes, those include – emptying your bowels or emptying your bladder or exhalation or sweat. In all these things, different bodies have different levels of efficiency. When you empty your bowels, not a speck should remain in your colon, everything should be gone. In yoga that’s very, very important, the colon being clean, otherwise it’ll get into your head, really.

Your colon not being clean and psychological disturbances are very directly connected. In the yogic understanding of life, after you wake up, within twenty minutes, naturally if the bowels don’t empty themselves completely that means you are in ill-health, or you’re heading there quickly, both physically and psychologically. Keeping the colon clean is very important.


There are only four things with you right now, that you can make use of i.e. your body, your mind, your emotion and your energy. If you manage these four things well, they will produce a certain level of life for you. If you have a healthy body, you will live in one way.

If you have a very stable and sharp mind, you’ll live another way. Now, for most human beings, who are in different levels of activity in their life, they need all these four things to be in reasonably good shape. If this is achieved, you have reasonably complete human beings, who’ll live their life fully.

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